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We provide everything needed to gain compliance of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), data protection and other world wide data compliance for businesses large and small. This includes streamlining workflows, file management, and all the legal requirements including the provision of Data Protection Officers.

GDPR is now out of its transition period and companies both large and small are facing fines for breaches, so it is essential that businesses face up to their responsibilities and make sure that their employees and suppliers are aware of the new legislation. This not only protects the individual but also safeguards businesses from the ever-increasing threat of cyber attacks.

DLM Group make sure that your journey to compliance is simple and thorough, showing that you employ best, professional practice.

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To find out more about GDPR and document management, please call on 01903 255389 or join our free membership service via the Expert’s Corner page.

Featured Service Data Protection & GDPR

We make sure that your journey to compliance is mistake-free and smooth running. We offer two options: self-led, where we provide assistance and advice, or expert-led where we provide all that is needed for your compliance. Either way you will have peace of mind knowing that your data protection by design is in hand.

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Featured Service Data Protection Officers

Every business or organisation has to have one – the GDPR states that you need to appoint a Data Protection Officer if you use certain types of processing activities involving people’s personal data or your core activities require large scale, regular and systematic monitoring of individuals. This has a positive effect on the relationships between individuals, the workforce and the customers. Everyone has the right to data protection, and this is as much for individuals as it is for businesses.

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Featured Service Toolkits and Services

The DLM Group Toolkits are designed to give you the best resources needed to help you on your journey to GDPR compliance. The toolkit and services comprise easy to follow guides, online tutorials and Expert's Corner with the latest news and developments.

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Featured Service Managed Document Services

As a complete data management company, we support local businesses with the evolving data protection laws and complete document management processes. We are experts in how information enters your business and how it leaves – basically, what happens to that data and how it can affect you

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GDPR – One Year On by DLM Group

GDPR – One Year On by DLM Group Just over a year ago huge changes came about in privacy and information rights with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018. This was all about getting privacy right and has increased protection for the public and obligations for organisations. However, […]

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The Marriott hotel chain faces £99m fine – Our View

The Marriott hotel chain faces £99m fine – Our View 339m customers affected by credit card hack The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) fine relates to a data breach at the company believed to have originated in the Starwood hotels group five years ago. The ICO said the hotel chain had failed to undertake due diligence […]

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British Airways fined £183million – Our View

British Airways fined £183million – Our View British Airways fined £183million after the personal details of nearly half a million customers may have been stolen – first ICO announcement of a fine under strict new GDPR data protection rules  British Airways will have to pay a £183million fine for a data breach that saw card details […]

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The first unintended and unforeseen consequences of GDPR

The first unintended and unforeseen consequences of GDPR For some, the General Data Protection Regulation requirements seem unnecessarily complicated and vague in their overall impact.  Yet, less than a year after GDPR took effect, we see unintended and unforeseen consequences that suggest businesses of all sizes should be paying very close attention. In a nutshell, GDPR […]

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