About Us

Providing Data Protection Services to give compliance, safeguarding your brand and giving your customers assurance that you take data protection seriously.

For many years, Document Lifestyle Management (DLM Ltd) has looked to help businesses embrace smart technology in order to maximise productivity with trusted advisors and experienced, highly knowledgeable consultants ready to take on any questions or issues you may have concerning the processing of documents, compliance, data protection and business process optimisation.

We were there at the start and were at the forefront of providing help and advice for charities, schools, and businesses around the world. We work with specialist organisations to ensure you can maximise data protection by design.

In today’s competitive market, the ability to efficiently access and disseminate information is fundamental to business success and DLM Group offers tailored solutions to optimise your document processes so that accurate information is securely available when it is needed and compliance issues – in particular GDPR – are adhered to.

Our experts will thoroughly look at how you move data and information (e.g. What is paper based and what is electronic?) and we address the four essential elements of document management. We call this the document life cycle process:

  • CREATION– what information do you create and what do you receive?
  • MOVEMENT – is it via paper or electronically?
  • PROCESS – people expect instant access to information so the processing has to deliver best business value
  • COMPLIANCE – the management of information. Are you destroying or storing correctly?

How you will benefit
Why would you benefit from working with us? Well, we make it simple, we are thorough and we will lead you through the maze to compliance.

Each Managed Document Services solution that we provide is designed specifically around your needs – both in terms of how your business works and that of your goals. Working closely with your team or business owners, we use our proven approach to establish the best configuration for your organisation. As part of our service, the DLM Group can also manage additional vendors who feed into your document management infrastructure, allowing you to streamline your processes which means you are fully in control thus saving time, reducing your management overheads and therefore costs.

Our expert services are exceptional value and the return on investment (ROI) is minimal. Efficiency and good management practices go hand in hand and we are here to enable you to get on with what you do best – run a successful business that will grow exponentially.

To summarise, we are experts in the document life cycle process and, in turn, experts at delivering the following:
TIME – saving you and your business time, vital to any business or business owners
COST SAVINGS – creating cost efficiency through processes and procurement
COMPLIANCE – we will make sure that you are following best practice and compliancy that your business requires.

Document Lifestyle Management provides businesses with the following services:

  • GDPR compliance and data protection
  • Data Protection Officer services
  • Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Business process optimisation
  • EU representation/Data Controller representation
  • Representation in other territories

Contact us about how we can help you
To find out more about GDPR and document management, please call on 01903 255389 or join our free membership service via the Expert’s Corner page.