Document Lifestyle Management provides businesses with the following services: GDPR compliance and data controller protection, Data Protection Officers, Privacy Impact Assessments, representation in the EU and other territories, business process optimisation and document management handling.

Data Protection and GDPR

Document Lifestyle Management will equip you with all that you need on the journey to compliance. This includes safety and security, and how to entrust data with customers, suppliers and staff, whether you wish to be self-led or expert-led.

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Data Protection Officers

A DPO is essential for compliance and the primary role involves the monitoring of an organisation’s processes when dealing with the personal data of its staff, customers, providers or any other individuals.

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Toolkits and Services

DLM Group provide comprehensive guidance to GDPR policies, procedures and plans, and provides the training needed for emergencies in the event of an audit or information request. The easy-to-use toolkit will guide you through information gathering and protection.

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Managed Document Services

DLM Group are experts in how information enters your business and how it leaves – basically, what happens to that data and how it can affect you. We support local businesses with the evolving data protection laws and complete document management processes.

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