Managed Document Services

Every organisation relies on repetitive tasks to accomplish its goals. Contract management, invoicing and hiring are just a few examples of processes that keep businesses moving. To access information efficiently when and where it’s needed is a daily requirement of business today, but effective document management is about more than simply implementing new software – the entire business environment needs to be taken into account – from people and processes through to environmental policies.

Our team at Document Lifestyle Management will help identify which business process needs an overhaul, then will list all the key components of this business revamp. We provide bespoke solutions to help you optimise the document management process, from the creation of information and its effective utilisation through to archiving and/or destruction.

What we do is a thorough analysis of processes, then ask fundamental questions like, “What is the goal of this process? What is the schedule? What departments and/or employees are involved? What information is being used between steps?”

The next phase addresses your methodology thus revealing potential areas for improvement – time and motion and cost of materials are key. How much paper is used? How many copies of the same document are made? How many hours are required to complete the process? Of those hours, how many are spent doing unnecessary work? When do errors occur?

Getting rid of unnecessary tasks makes for more efficiency. Repeat successful tactics, and business flourishes. Once you’ve separated the essential from the non-essential in your business process, it’s time to apply a solution. But if this is your first experience overhauling a document-based process, you might feel daunted by the possibilities so by using our managed document services staff will have the information they need to act more quickly and accurately. Equally, with all data tracked and audited, you boost your compliance with data protection regulations.

There is a significant cost-saving and environmental factor too, as your paper-related costs including print and storage space will be significantly reduced.

The team at DLM Group, your business experts, is here to lead you to a better, more streamlined place.


DLM Group provides businesses with the following services:

  • GDPR compliance and data protection
  • Privacy impact assessments
  • Business process optimisation
  • Filing/storage/destruction